Ride with us!

Group rides start March 31!

Sundays 1 pm from Ankeny Market Pavillion (AMP).
Tuesdays 6 pm from AMP.


The Ankeny Bike Club (ABC) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation newly created to get more youth and families riding bikes with other folks who ride with youth and families!  This is a NO-DUES club:  ABC will thrive with sponsorships, donations, and merchandising.  We will add a crowd-funding source to this website once the IRS approves our application.


We will help you get a bike if you do not have a 26″ or larger wheeled bike thanks to our generous sponsors Bike Country and Kyle’s Bikes.


Learn safety, maintenance, etiquette, healthy habits, and handling skills


Ride local and destination group rides on paved, limestone, and dirt trails


Race triathlon, mountain, circuit (summer) and cyclocross (fall)


Please read “Cycling is the antidote to childhood obesity”, Rick Vosper, Bicycle Retailer, 12/27/2018.

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