Frequently Asked Questions

1.  How much does Ankeny Bike Club Cost?  Nothing!  Spend your money on your bike, because it’s all about the bike!


You can donate to Ankeny Bike Club to help pay for expenses and to help get bikes to kids who need them.   We submitted our 501(c)(3) application to the IRS on January 1, 2019, but the Federal Government shutdown has slowed down processing to as late as…impossible for me to understand…JUNE!  ABC cannot set up a Pay Pal or Go Fund Me until we receive approval from the IRS.  So, we are running on a shoestring budget to get started.  


2.  When is sign-up?  There is no sign-up, just show up!  We will see you at the group rides as posted on Facebook.  Ankeny Bike Club has umbrella liability coverage for group rides. 


3.  Will there be races?   YES!  But, you don’t have to race if you don’t want to race.  Road and/or gravel races in Iowa start in March, and the final cyclocross race was in Ames on the second weekend of December 2018!  There are races about every other weekend somewhere in Iowa from late March until August, and then the BOMB of cyclocross begins in August with races almost every weekend in Iowa until mid-December.  


4.  What can I expect at the group rides?  ABC group rides are about an hour. ABC will tier all group rides into three opportunities.  The A Group will ride 8-14 miles as fast as the fastest youth wants to ride.  A Group riders are those who wish to race or feel the thrill of speed on a bike. The B Group will ride 6-10 miles at a fast pace.  B Group riders are those novice and progressing riders who need the practice and/or fitness of fast riding in groups so that they may work up to A Group rides.  The C Group will ride 6-12 miles at a more leisurely conversation pace while connecting and visiting with other riders.  Our family has all three types of riders, and your family might have those riders as well.